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HEINEKEN Cambodia takes local lead in supporting Ministry of Environment and WWF-Cambodia to recognize International Earth Hour

HEINEKEN Cambodia takes local lead in supporting Ministry of Environment and WWF-Cambodia to recognize International Earth Hour

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HEINEKEN Cambodia is contributing to the Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment and WWF-Cambodia’s efforts to recognise Earth Hour 2022 with local support for a series of events that include live entertainment as well as cultural and sporting events and in Mondulkiri on Friday March 26th.

In doing so, HEINEKEN Cambodia is taking the lead locally by becoming one of two exclusive partners for Earth Hour events hosted by WWF-Cambodia and the Ministry of Environment in Mondulkiri. WWF-Cambodia’s theme is Nature, Culture, Tourism and Sustainability which are all initiatives that HEINEKEN Cambodia supports.

In addition to partnering with WWF-Cambodia for the Earth Hour event in Mondulkiri, HEINEKEN Cambodia will also turn off non-essential lights at its Phnom Penh brewery on the 26th.

“At HEINEKEN Cambodia we are delighted to be able to join the Ministry of Environment and WWF-Cambodia in respecting the environment and sustainability in general by participating in Earth Hour 2022,” said HEINEKEN Cambodia Director of Corporate Affairs Anne Ollivier.

“Our sustainability strategy is not new, it is something we implement at both global and local levels as part of our ambition to Brew a Better World and Cambodia. We are proud to be a partner of this year’s Earth Hour as well as to be participating by turning off the lights at our brewery, in a powerful symbol of global unity and commitment to our planet.”

Earth Hour will take place in Cambodia at 8.30pm on March 26th. Those taking part in the global initiative can expect to join the ranks of millions of participants from around the world.  

“While Cambodia and the Royal Government of Cambodia have their own noteworthy and deserving initiatives to protect and preserve the nation’s environment, HEINEKEN Cambodia’s participation in the global Earth Hour phenomenon also shows that we are ‘all in this together’ and everyone can do their part – including here in Cambodia,” added HEINEKEN Cambodia Director of Corporate Affairs Anne Ollivier.

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WWF-Cambodia’s Earth Hour 2022 campaign kicked off on March 7th with a digital campaign featuring a video starring famous singer Meas Soksophea. On the actual Earth Hour Day, March 26th  WWF-Cambodia is arranging sporting and cultural events such as marathon  and a variety of cultural performances.

We are delighted to have such a ‘responsible business’ like HEINEKEN Cambodia taking part in helping us to support this year’s Earth Hour event,” said Mr. Teak Seng, Country Director of WWF-Cambodia.

“HEINEKEN Cambodia has already built up a reputation for a business innovative approach that supports future sustainability, so WWF-Cambodia is delighted to have the company’s commitment to the global effort.”

Last November, HEINEKEN Cambodia was recognised as one Cambodia’s top contributors to preserving the Environment in EuroCham Cambodia’s prestigious CSR Awards 2021.

HEINEKEN Cambodia also recently sponsored the Kingdom’s inaugural Cambodia Climate Change Summit 2021 (CCCS21). The one-day summit, which was arranged by the Ministry of Environment (MoE) in partnership with the Mekong Future Institute, brought together experts, practitioners, civil society and business to showcase Cambodia’s efforts toward sustainability and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

In conjunction with the HEINEKEN Group’s Sustainability Strategy 2030, HEINEKEN Cambodia has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions in production by 50% since 2013.

In addition, the brewer has commissioned the construction of a biomass plant back in December of 2021 and is expected to have the construction completed in July of this year. In close partnership with suppliers, HEINEKEN Cambodia aims to cut emissions by 30% by 2030 across its entire value chain.

Looking ahead to 2040, the company is aiming for carbon neutrality in its full value chain. The company is taking a science-based approach by working closely with the Science Based Targets initiative to validate its new commitment.

Beyond its commitment to the Environment protection, HEINEKEN Cambodia ’s objective is also to foster an inclusive, fair, and equitable world while also advocating for responsible consumption of alcohol – these are the other 2 pillars of the company’s ‘’Brew a Better Cambodia’’ objective. 

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