Aquarii Cambodia and MBCC ink strategic partnership

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Aquarii Cambodia and the Malaysian Business Council of Cambodia (MBCC) have formalized a strategic partnership to exchange information, ideas and views as well as jointly conduct activities to help foreign businesses and investors have a better understanding of the investment and business environment in Cambodia.

In addition, the two have committed to mutually promote each other’s platforms and to individually and collectively help address outdated perceptions of the Kingdom, and where possible to lower any trust deficit that foreign businesses and investors may have of the country and its pro-business and pro-investment policies.

Aquarii is a business strategy and development company newly established by diplomat-turned-businessman, Michael Tan who was formerly the Singapore Ambassador to Cambodia from Jun 2016 to Dec 2020, and is now Aquarii’s founder Director and Chief Executive Officer, based in Phnom Penh.

To read more about Michael Tan and Aquarii click here.

Michael Tan said: “Aquarii is extremely pleased to formalize this partnership with MBCC, a well-established and accomplished business chamber in the Kingdom with an outstanding track record of activities. It is a fact that there are numerous qualified and outstanding Malaysian professionals and businessmen doing good work and sharing their experiences and knowledge in Cambodia.”

Oknha Tan Khee Meng (KM), President of MBCC said: “The MBCC hopes that through this partnership with Aquarii BD Cambodia, there will be more opportunities for foreign investors and businesses to connect with and reach out to our members who are in fact represented in the board spectrum of the businesses, sectors and industries in the Kingdom. In turn, our members will have access to a wider audience of foreign investors and businesses out there”.

Aquarii Cambodia has also signed partnerships with the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (IndoCham) and the American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (AmCham).

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Aquarii Cambodia and the Malaysian Business Council of Cambodia (MBCC) have formalized a strategic partnership.

Giving greater confidence to foreign businesses and investors

Businesses in Cambodia that are members of MBCC and that choose to include their company information in the Business Directory on Aquarii’s freely accessible online platform ( will be acknowledged as such in the filtered search results of the directory.

The directory is designed to give greater confidence to foreign businesses and investors to connect or deal with service providers, business counterparts or investment partners in Cambodia that they have sourced through the Aquarii BD platform.

As not all business chambers have the practice of signing MOUs, chambers that have agreed to support and work closely with Aquarii will have more information about them on the platform.

Tan commented that: “Through strategic collaboration with like-minded and credible strategic partners such as MBCC, we hope to be able to help bridge any gap in perception and lack of familiarity of the Kingdom which foreign businesses and investors may have of Cambodia, to address or mitigate their pain points in doing business here.”

“Concurrently, we want to enable and empower the larger business and investment community in Cambodia through our online free-access business platform, our advisory service and our network of contacts, resource persons and Aquarii’s various selected preferred, referral and strategic partners,” Tan added.

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