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First luxury Maserati hybrid SUV launched in Cambodia

First luxury Maserati hybrid SUV launched in Cambodia

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Maserati Cambodia successfully launched the new Maserati Levante GT Hybrid last week at the Maserati Showroom. Business personalities joined the event and became part of the history of the Maserati Brand Evolution. Guests witnessed the arrival of this powerful new idea of the future in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Speaking to CIR Life & Luxury a Maserati spokesperson said the Maserati puts the consumer at the center, expanding the offer with a hybrid solution that aims to boost performance and fun to drive.

But at the same time, the car improves the efficiency in terms of CO2 emission and fuel consumption. This car is faster than diesel and greener than diesel and gasoline, they added.

Maserati Levante GT Hybrid 

After Ghibli Hybrid launched last year, Levante Hybrid is the second phase in Maserati’s electrification strategy, which will involve the electrification of all its new models. A decision was driven by the evolving market and the brand’s determination to lead the field in every area of innovation.

Maserati is innovative by nature. With Levante, it continues to pursue the philosophy behind its entry into the world of electrification: the aim of improving performance while keeping true to the Brand’s values, raising performance and luxury to new heights. The result is a hybrid SUV that retains the distinctive sound of every Maserati.

Luis Canto Moniz, Managing Director of Maserati Cambodia.

The arrival of the new Levante Hybrid thus expands the Maserati range, which is now even more competitive, innovative and responsive to the market’s demands.

Levante Hybrid combines the 4 cylinder, 2 litre engine with a 48 volt Hybrid system that recovers energy during deceleration and braking. Staying true to its DNA, Maserati has chosen a hybrid solution that aims above all to maintain performance at exceptional levels, while also saving fuel.

Senior Minister HE Ly Thuch was one of the VIPs that attended the event.

The results achieved are excellent: even greater performance with less fuel consumption. The same brilliance of the engine and performance level of the gasoline V6 are retained intact but fuel is saved, making Levante Hybrid even more efficient than the Levante versions equipped with the gasoline or diesel V6 engines.

Cambodia Investment Review has reported on the increasing investment in Cambodia’s electric vehicles industry. Key stakeholder say the industry could play a vital role in reducing Cambodia’s carbon footprint but a long road lies ahead to build the infrastructure needed to make them an attractive option for the masses.

High-end brands invest in Cambodia

More ultra-premium brands have been entering the local market Cambodia Investment Review has previously reported on the increasing demand for premium and ultra-premium products in Cambodia.

Last year the Bluebell Group – Asia’s leading omnichannel luxury brand distributor and operator –formally announced the launch of its Cambodian operations. The launch was described as a watershed moment in Cambodia’s timeline of economic development.

Cambodia’s economy has sustained an average real growth rate of 7.7% between 1998 and 2019, making it one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

To find out more call the official Maserati number, +855 95 666 702 or email

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