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CamEd exports its ‘international standard’ of business and accounting education

CamEd exports its ‘international standard’ of business and accounting education

Harrison White

Cambodia’s leading business and accounting higher education institution CamEd is hosting thirty-five students from various universities across France combining both higher education study as well as intern placements with some of Cambodia’s leading firms.

The program includes both morning classes as well as internships at various companies representing all the major sectors in the economy including the banking industry to hone their know-how skills. The international students will take courses until the end of April and will have to take exams remotely from France.

Cambodia has not traditionally exported its education sector with this initiative showcasing both the international standards of the school as well as the increased interest from international students to study in Cambodia.

CamEd Business School (CamEd) was awarded degree-granting powers in 2010 and specializes in teaching accounting and finance and is a primary source of new hires for major audit firms in Cambodia.

The school works closely with the National Accounting Council of Cambodia and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants to provide internationally recognized examinations.

Alexis Tueur (L) one of the international exchange students who spoke to Cambodia Investment Review.

International standards at CamEd

Speaking to Cambodia Investment Review two of the international students commented on the prestige of every lecturer, the professionalism of the school as well as the rewarding internship component of the program.

Alexis Tueur one of the international exchange students said, “CamEd has been identified as a leading institution in the country, certainly the best Business School in Cambodia, and its relationship with the business world is an additional asset, because like MBway Business School in which I study in France, what is interesting is to complete the lectures with the reality of the field.”

“This was for me a one-off opportunity, traveling while studying and we are all fascinated by the prestige of every lecturer we have met so far. I would like to conclude by insisting on the reliability of CamEd and people working here,” Tueur added.

Another exchange student from France Brachet Maylis said, “the internship component of the program is going great. We have many things to organize, and we are starting to learn how the Cambodian system is working. The rhythm is different from the one back in France.”

“My boss is there to answer any questions but leaves us a lot, which is pretty great as this means he trusts us to work well, without too much supervising,” she added.

CamEd bases its curriculum on the educational requirements of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and the CFA institute candidate body of knowledge.

Courses are taught in English language and teach International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium-Sized Entities (IFRS for SMEs), and International Standards of Auditing (ISAs).

Casey Barnett, President of CamEd

Accounting skills in demand 

Dr. Virak Prum, Chairman of the Board of Trustees said in a statement: “When I looked at them[ the students], I saw why the world has come to be so connected with countries becoming dependent more and more on each other than ever before. This speaks directly to the vision of CamEd Business School that puts a lot emphasis on international recognition.”

Casey Barnett, President of the School added: “With our excellent quality in teaching, all the international students will need to study very hard while also take time to be exposed to Cambodia’s very rich cultures.”

Cambodia Investment Review had previously reported on the increasing interest from students in choosing to work in the banking and insurance industries of Cambodia which have grown into two of the fastest-growing sectors in the country.

According to the school, more than 50% of the annual recruits of the big four audit firms in Cambodia (PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, and EY) are students or graduates of CamEd.

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