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AmCham Cambodia board announce new key positions for 2022

AmCham Cambodia board announce new key positions for 2022

Harrison White

The American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia’s (AmCham) board have re-elected Anthony Galliano as its President and Christopher McCarthy as Secretary, Kim Tol Tan as Vice President, and Casey Barnett as Treasurer.

According to AmCham regulations, candidates are elected by members to the board of governors annually with a two-year term limit. Board members must step down following two consecutive terms for a period of one year before becoming eligible to run again.

The remaining Board of Governors are Pily Wong, Michael Berg, Rina Ing, Devin Barta, and newly elected members Zhiger Atchabarov, Moniveark Sou, and Joseph Telfer.

Cambodia Investment Review, previously reported on the chambers AGM earlier this month.

2021 a milestone year for AmCham Cambodia

Anthony Galliano, President, commented in a press release that “AmCham had a milestone year in 2021 with record membership, its healthiest financial condition ever, and one of its most active years, complimented with an intense focus on serving and engaging its members.

The prosperity of the Chamber and its success is largely due to the Board of Governors which is very much a working board, and substantially to the loyalty and support of the members, who are viewed and treated as our customers.

I expect the Chamber to significantly accelerate its mandate in 2021 with an abundance of new initiatives, expansion of activities and services, and providing even greater value to its membership with new projects on the horizon. We are entering a golden era for the American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia.”

Anthony Galliano reelected as AmCham President for 2022..

AmCham Cambodia board continues empowering women in business

Kim Tol Tan told Cambodia Investment Review that she was honored to be elected as Vice President for the upcoming term for the American Chamber of Commerce Cambodia.

“AmCham has seen the most growth in memberships and increased activities to engage with its members this year than ever before.

My goal is for us to focus more efforts on advocating for our members, empowering women in business, and adding new initiatives that will add greater value to our members and the community as we continue to drive for membership growth to allow for more networking and business opportunities among members.

I am grateful for the opportunity to take on a larger role, and I am excited to work with the outstanding newly elected board members.”

Kim Tol Tan (L) hosting of one of AmCham’s Women & Leadership talks earlier this year.

AmCham membership expected to accelerate in 2022

In 2021, the chamber strongly has been actively recruiting new members in turn the Board of Governors expanded to 11 from 9 for the year 2022.

“This was the result of a boom in membership growth to 180 members, an increase of 48% in 2021, a record number of applicants for available Board seats, and greatly increased activity by the Chamber in 2021 that is only expected to substantial accelerate in 2022,” the chamber said.

This year the chamber celebrated 25 years of continuous operation since being founded in 1996.

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