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Rising Giants Podcast: Celia Boyd

Rising Giants Podcast: Celia Boyd

Rising Giants

Celia Boyd joins the Rising Giants Podcast this week. Celia has a passion for impact-driven entrepreneurship having arrived in Cambodia in 2013, building SHE Investments from inception to the leading organization it is today.

SHE works with female entrepreneurs through Cambodia’s first gender and culturally tailored business incubator and accelerator program.

The program was designed to support female entrepreneurs to scale their enterprises to create social and economic impact, bridge the gender gap in entrepreneurship, and facilitate market-based solutions to poverty.

What they talk about:

-Learning by doing: the early struggles and lessons learned, when being the first firm in the country to look at incubation/acceleration through a gender lens.

-The key catalyst for further growth in entrepreneurship in Cambodia; making the business environment more enabling for startups.

-Two areas to focus on when looking to drive forward personal growth; invest in finding a mentor or life coach you can go to on a regular basis to keep yourself accountable and join the 5 am wake-up club!

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Hosted by Max Thornton and Dominic Kalousek the Rising Giants Podcasts chats with the boldest and most inspiring entrepreneurs and investors in the highest potential markets of Southeast Asia.

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