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Two exceptional entrepreneurs paving the way for Cambodia’s next generation

Two exceptional entrepreneurs paving the way for Cambodia’s next generation

Two of the Kingdom’s leading entrepreneurs Thyda Thaung and Sopheakmonkol Sok have been featured in the new ‘ABC The Exceptional’ campaign aimed to inspire the next generation to continue the development of Cambodia.

Thyda Thaung a young salt farming entrepreneur told Cambodia Investment Review that young entrepreneurs should create a business that of course is profitable but also adds to the positive development of the community.

Thyda herself is on a mission with her company Thaung Enterprise to elevate the quality and standards of Cambodia’s salt farming industry. Through hard work and dedication, the multi-award-winning businesswoman has taken her Kampot business to international markets.

She believes that the next generation can learn from other senior entrepreneurs who can offer many lessons learned for them. People have different life experiences, so that they can provide different lessons for you, she says.

Sopheakmonkol Sok a Forbes Top 30 under-30 list-maker for his role as co-founder and CEO of web and mobile development company Codingate told Cambodia Investment Review he started his company in 2013 with a vision that he could help Cambodia by spreading the use of technology.

Codingate, a Cambodian-based business solutions company aims to provide clients with easy-to-use software solutions. After its creation in 2013, Codingate’s team provided technical solutions to clients in exchange for laptops, rather than money.

Sopheakmonkol says that he didn’t start Codingate with the idea of making money. The business was at first more to create a place where we could help Cambodia and contribute to the community by employing young people and giving them meaningful work, as well as helping companies find high-quality IT services to help them focus on their business.

What’s amazing is that we still have three employees that have been with us right from the start, and their growth as individuals and professionals has been amazing, he added.

The ABC Extra Stout presented ‘The Exceptional’ Campaign celebrated in total 10 inspirational Cambodians with short films and a talk show series on PNN TV this month.

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ABC hopes that this campaign helps motivate young Cambodians to remain positive and focused in their pursuit of an exceptional life.

Loic de Laubriere, Marketing Director of HEINEKEN Cambodia said about the campaign: “To Be Exceptional is to have confidence and belief in one’s self to achieve success in life beyond just material items. Whether it’s building businesses, shaping society, or simply following one’s passion off the beaten path.”

“These are the attributes of a Lion who chooses to lead the way. We are honored to have these 10 exceptional Cambodians in our campaign, and we hope that many will be inspired to follow in their footsteps,” he added.

Cambodia’s international business community remains ‘bullish’ on the local economy citing an ultra-fast vaccination drive and multiple bilateral and multilateral trade agreements to be implemented next year.

Before the pandemic Cambodia’s economy had sustained an average real growth rate of 7.7% between 1998 and 2019, making it one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The Asian Development Bank has forecast 5.5% growth in 2022.

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