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Rising Giants Podcast: CEO of Smile Shop Jack Lee

Rising Giants Podcast: CEO of Smile Shop Jack Lee

By CIR contributor Rising Giants

Rising Giants Podcast has its first Chinese businessman on the show, Jack Lee, talking about his journey as an entrepreneurial adventurer across Asia, landing in Cambodia and founding one of the leading e-commerce businesses in the country, Smile Shop.

Jack has worked across Southeast Asia for over a decade, meticulously studying and perfecting how to do business in these evolving markets whilst adapting to the local culture and customs.

What they talk about:

– Why building and maintaining a highly committed team is the most important definer of success as a startup

– What makes Cambodia ripe today for a massive expansion in e-commerce adoption

– The meaning of a ‘smile country’ and how this translates into business management practices

Click here to listen.

Hosted by Max Thornton and Dominic Kalousek the Rising Giants Podcasts chats with the boldest and most inspiring entrepreneurs and investors in the highest potential markets of Southeast Asia.

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