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F&B outlet Bengawan Solo captures Cambodia’s growing consumer demand for halal-friendly cuisine: Indonesian Business Week

F&B outlet Bengawan Solo captures Cambodia’s growing consumer demand for halal-friendly cuisine: Indonesian Business Week

To celebrate Indonesia’s 76th Anniversary of Independence from August 17 – 24 Cambodia Investment Review will be highlighting business and investment opportunities for Indonesian’s in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

According to government estimates, approximately 2.1 percent of the Cambodian population is Muslim, although some nongovernmental estimate Muslims constitute 4 to 5 percent of the population.

Looking to capture this growing market is one of Cambodia’s leading Malay – Khmer cuisines outlets Bengawan Solo (Bengawan being a word n old Javanese for river). The store was established to offer specific Indonesian dishes cooked in a ‘halal-friendly environment.

Speaking to ‘Cambodia Investment Review Indonesian Business Week’ Bengawan Solo wanted to introduce Indonesian specialties that are so diverse and much in demand by other nations. Adding they wanted to offer these dishes not just for the local Indonesian community but also to the Cambodian people.

The store adheres to Muslim cooking traditions such as no pork dishes as well as ensuring no pork cooking oils are being used in any of its dishes.

It was only in 2018 the halal certification created by the Cambodian government is now available for companies that produce or sell food items in the kingdom. The Highest Council for Islamic Religious Affairs of Cambodia said that the new label will lure more Muslim tourists into the country while increasing exports of halal products.

Reflecting on the current investment climate in Cambodia for Indonesian investors the advice was to try and find opportunities that match investors’ specific needs to what products they currently have – if they already exist. Adding, that Cambodia has an open investment climate and there are many investment opportunities.

While the company is focused on the culinary sector – reflecting more broadly they believe that those who want to want to try a business in Cambodia should first conduct market research before they enter the market.

Utilizing the presence of the Indonesian Business Community was also very important to cooperate both in sharing information with one another, as well as in dealing with obstacles that occur so there is mutual support and complementarity work for the business community.

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