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Dynamic Argon to provide reputable and ethical pharmaceuticals for Cambodia: Indonesia Business Week

Dynamic Argon to provide reputable and ethical pharmaceuticals for Cambodia: Indonesia Business Week

To celebrate Indonesia’s 76th Anniversary of Independence from August 17 – 24 Cambodia Investment Review will be highlighting business and investment opportunities for Indonesian’s in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Cambodia’s pharmaceutical sector has been booming over the last two decades with more progress being made in the quality of medicine and enforcing regulations both of which is needed for a sector that has concerns over counterfeit and unregulated pharmaceuticals.

In addition, Cambodia is moving away from traditional and more towards western medicines, with many Pharmaceuticals easily accessible over the counter.

The half Indonesian company Dynamic Argon has entered the Cambodian market as a reputable and ethical distributor by providing a strategic partnership to explore Cambodia’s market potency, and become the distributor of choice for all customers.

Established in January 2019, Dynamic Argon Co., Ltd is a strategic joint venture company between local company Dynamic group and one of the biggest Indonesian pharmaceutical companies Dexa group.

This joint venture purposes was to utilize the more than 20 years experiences in the Cambodian market from Dynamic group and the sophisticated distribution system and model from Dexa group.

Dynamic Argon provides full range of Ethical OTC medicine and consumer products

Speaking to ‘Cambodia Investment Review Indonesian Business Week’ Dynamic Argon said they operate under the tagline “Together provide a better life”. Dynamic Argon is committed to serve the country by provide a full range of ethical Over The Counter (OTC) medicine and consumer products.

They have been able to reach a wide range of customers in all 25 provinces including Phnom Penh that are distributed from their two branches at Phnom Penh and Battambang.

Dynamic Argon has cooperated with reputable manufacturer from neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Turkey, to ensure the quality of the products they distribute.

Dynamic Argon also provides a reliable supply chain and warehouse system that adheres to the ‘Good Distribution Practices’. These regulations will assure its medicines and products are kept in conditions according to the product requirements, as well as delivering the products to the customers site in good condition.

One of Dynamic Argon core values is customer satisfaction. To measure this metric the company has developed a customer relationship management system to ensure they receive all feedback and provide outstanding services.

The country promises big opportunity with many untapped market prospects

Reflecting on opportunities for other Indonesian businesses to enter the local market Dynamic Argon believes more companies should be confident to explore Cambodia.

Dynamic Argon believes the local market can expand your business because Cambodia promises big opportunities with many untapped market prospects in all sectors of the economy. They added, that the market has strong investment attributes like a high growth in the number of middle class, business-friendly government support and political stability that will guarantee business continuity.

The company says they can see that e-commerce and the digital economy will become rising stars for new business opportunities.

They also believe is important to have a growing Indonesian community in Cambodia. Referencing that Cambodia and Indonesia have more than 62 years of friendship and collaboration, and also both countries have many similarities on the lifestyle, culture, and event have a similar appearance.

Adding, these factors mean that it will not be too difficult to introduce and create product awareness and get market acceptance because Cambodian consumers agree that made in Indonesia products are good quality. 

Dynamic Argon are confident that Cambodia’s pharmaceutical and consumer market will continue to grow strongly in the future, and with a good collaboration between our valued customers, they will grow together and become a reputable pharmaceutical and healthcare distributor in Cambodia.

With Cambodia’s economy growing, demand for medical and pharmaceutical products is on the rise. Demand is particularly high among the growing number of hospitals and the more than 1,000 health centres across the country. Cambodia is projected to spend $437 million on medicines and other pharmaceutical products by 2021, they added.

For more information:

(+855) 23 425 895 / (+855) 23 425 896

No. T01, National Road 2, Sangkat Chak Angrae Leu, Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh 120601, Cambodia 

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