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Aeon 1 listed as location for first H&M Cambodia store

Aeon 1 listed as location for first H&M Cambodia store

The location for H&M Cambodia store has been listed as Aeon Mall 1 after an employee recruitment pamphlet was electronically distributed requesting to fill several employment positions ranging from cash officer to store manager.

H&M Thailand sent out the recruitment material seen by Cambodia Investment Review stating that job interviews start in August and requested potential applicants to submit their CV to their Thai recruitment email address.

Cambodia Investment Review published last week the Swedish multinational clothing retail company Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) would open its first store in Cambodia next year however at the time could not confirm the location of the store.

In addition, it was announced last week that Aeon Mall 1 would also expand its ground floor to host at least 30 more commercial stores, according to the company’s press release.

H&M Cambodia to set up in Aeon Mall 1

The expansion work will increase the ground floor space to 27,000 square metres area which will bring the ground floor space to a total of 162,000 square metres. With this new expansion, the ground floor will be able to host 30 more new commercial stores, or totaling 240 stores.

The parking space will also be expanded to allow 70 new more vehicle spaces for a total of 2,370 vehicles. “Aeon Mall places high hopes that the floor expansion will be completed by 2023 and will attract more prominent specialty stores,” the company said.

Aeon Mall 1 was opened in June 2014 as Cambodia’s first shopping center, there is also an Aeon Mall 2 and the current development of an Aeon Mall 3.

The brand is owned by the Japanese multination retail and commercial real estate holding company Aeon Mall Co Ltd listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has a market cap of ¥377.72B ($3.06 billion).

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